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The wonder of orgasms

In my life I have experience so many different types of orgasms that I thought I might try to categorize them to see if others out there have experienced similar levels of orgasms or if there are new avenues that I have yet to discover so hopefully this can be a dialogue on the issue. Of course I'm speaking from the male side of the equation although I believe I've woken up my feminine body (read kissed by the Goddess blog) so here it is my orgasmic scale starting from the least to the most powerful.

First of all I discount as an orgasm what the modern Western Male calls an orgasm, the release of semen at a physical climax of sexual tension in the body. I simply call this a release which seldom creates anything positive leading one unsatisfied and lustful. More like a short-circuit where the animal soul the circumvented the real human from a wonderful experience.

2. Energetic orgasms can be experienced with or without physical stimulus there felt as a pulse of surrender through the body followed by a warm tingling up the central column starting from the first chakra up, they can be heightened if you can focus your awareness on the center of the sex chakra, aligning it with your breathing. I've experienced this just by making eye contact with a tantric, real fun when you can trade them back and forth with a fellow empathic tantric.

3. Full body energetic orgasms, when the sexual energy is significantly built-up with physical sexual stimulation, working in conjunction with the energetic systems, you can have these marvelous for whole body orgasms with or without releasing semen. And if you want go to the next level of course you don't want to release your fluid. Orgasms are still in the lower chakra regions, they're fun and feel good. Afterglow last about 30 minutes and the feel good when for a couple days.

4. Heart orgasms, after several hours of energetic orgasms, and the few whole body ones, deeper rich connection with your lover, you ascend to a different level and when the orgasm and comes I have experienced enormous heart stretching, orgasms that make me feel deep connection not only for my beloved but for all humanity and expansive pulsing heart waves of the limitless unconditional love, seldom have I had these orgasms accompanied with release, but they have happened in conjunction with a full body orgasmic releases, the afterglow of these types of orgasms seem to last several weeks and are very powerful for several hours after the orgasm where Deep gratefulness issues from your heart. Kind of like slowly falling into a pool of sweet loveliness where everybody is just wonderful. Compassion caring and kindness are heightened for several months after this type of orgasm.

5. Visionary orgasms, very rare as they usually require a multi-orgasmic partner that can sustain high energy for four to seven hours of high energetic lovemaking and someone on a committed spiritual path. Not so much physical movement as connecting at several levels of being,. It often starts as a explosion of colors and geometric shapes. When the orgasm comes with release it is a extremely cathartic body orgasm, with the exception that the mind explodes into the astral realms,( partners have told me that my body practically lifts off the bed in waves of spasms, as I am always somewhere else I can only relate what they witnessed. But when I come back into the body I can feel the orgasmic waves like a ripple in the pond they get weaker and further out with each new ripple. Visions can last for a few minutes on up, my longest was 30 minutes that I was out of my body in the vision world. The visions are always profound and increase my sense of destiny and purpose on the earth. The afterglow is like strength and resolve of creating a better world, and there will be a heightened clairvoyance for a couple weeks.

6. Cosmic orgasms or god orgasms as I like to call them , ahh I've only had three of these wonderful orgasms as again they require a very powerful tantric partner, who can bring in divine energies and work at several levels simultaneously. These orgasmic explosions start off like the level 5 orgasms except I feel a shock wave going out in every direction like you see in a science-fiction movie when an atomic bomb is exploded in space, except that this light infused wave is filled with my consciousness, every person within the sphere of that wave I get an instant download of their current emotional condition and their life. The wave goes out about a quarter or a half a mile in all directions and you instantly empathically experience numerous lives simultaneously, it is the most profound high I've ever experienced, you literally are experiencing the hologram of universal the " I am ness" in a way that is beyond the ability for me to describe in words, after the "I am explosion" I go off into the vision realm, and upon returning to my body I find it hard to articulate as language become such an inadequate vehicle, so I usually spend the next several days in contemplation trying to process the enormous download and its implications, these orgasms have a large impact on my energetic system and I have in my three experiences found things like food to be unnecessary for about a week or so , many activities I'm unable to participate in, as they simply do not make any sense. I also experience a sense of being a young innocent child again , wanting to be gently held to have my hair stroked as I quietly sit. There could be no wars if everyone with experience one of these orgasms.

I humbly welcome comments and insights, I believe I've only scrape the surface of the deep glacier in this sacred right this glorious gift to humanity. We are here to return this madness to a beautiful garden of cooperation if we reclaim our sacred birth rites

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    Thu, August 9, 2007 - 7:59 PM
    hmm, well, I'd say types of orgasm, rather than levels.

    there is your standard 5-9 contraction male, 9-12 contractions female genital orgasm

    there are full body extended orgasmic states which can start in seconds and last for hours and hours, and quite a bit after you stop the stimulation

    In the taoist system (Mantak Chia) that I've studied they have a lot of type of orgasms - brains & senses, 5 organ orgasms (kidneys = gentleness, liver = kindness, speen = openness, heart = love, lungs = courage),

    more later.
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      Fri, August 10, 2007 - 12:17 PM
      from what I've been taught and experienced, as long as you stay connected to your physical body (ie aware of here and now) there is no limit to either the intensity of pleasure or duration of pleasure that you can experience

      seems like orgasms, like snowflakes, are each different.
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    Fri, August 10, 2007 - 11:30 AM
    There are SO many different types of orgasm. I'm still discovering new ones I didn't know existed.

    MANY different physical ones (recently had two in the same session that continued for over an hour each! WOW)

    The energetic ones are of course, the most intense and consciousness shifting.
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      Mon, September 17, 2007 - 3:15 PM
      I played around a bit with sex magic for a while there, not really for the right reasons, but the orgasms were absolutely phenomenal
      with the slightest touch my lover caved to infinite pleasure and I felt as if giving birth to the universe
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    Fri, September 21, 2007 - 8:42 PM
    I've experienced many, many orgasms in my life. Most of them while physically by myself. I've had ones that seemed to go on forever. Where I melted into a realm of light and bliss. I've had ones that explode off the top of my head. I've had ones where my entire body trembled, and then wet came gushing out of my vagina. I've had spontaneous vaginal trembles come for no reason. I've had orgasms while asleep. I've shared "long-distance" orgasms with certain rock stars whom I lust after. WOW!! One of those knocked me unconscious and into a very vivid dream!
    I've had orgasms that lasted half an hour or even longer.
    I've had orgasms that made my heart swell with love. I've had orgasmic feelings for days, sometimes.
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    Sat, September 22, 2007 - 7:47 PM
    Yes I've experienced most of what you speak of. Both sexually and in meditation. My experience started in college when I was getting in isolation or float chambers. Many of the states of mind you speak of reaching in sex are very familiar to me from the hours I spend floating. While I was still in my Dharma honeymoon with float tanks I had a lot of people coming over to my house to get in the tank I built. I met an amazing woman, all I can say is that our communication ended up being about 90% telepathic. When she got in the tank it was the first time I'd ever met her, I hadn't spoken to her for more than 4 or 5 minutes. About 10 minutes after she got in the tank I felt a surge of intense sensation that put me right into floating mind state. She got out and took off.

    A few days later I was at a party on campus and there she was across the room. We met eyes and agreed to go outside and talk. We wandered through the forest on campus, we talked for a few hours. We went to my place and lay down on my giant beanbag chair. We stared into one another's eyes for about 5 hours without speaking. We cuddled a lot, our hearts fell into rhythm if we were even near one another. After a few days of conversation mixed with cuddling and eyegazing, we decided to find out how long we could wait to have sex. We held out 14 days from the day we met. It didn't feel like waiting at alll, when we made out it felt like we were already having sex, we were already having heart orgasms together within a week of meeting. When we decided to make love it was light hearted and playful, in one moment we found ourselves broken apart and laughing together at the joy mixed with the sex.

    In the first 3 months of our relationship we had stumbled into almost every experience on the list. It became effortless, magnetic even to find ourselves ascend the scale as long as we had energy to engage. We could have sex for a few hours working out way up to a heightened state, then ride the state into the next day. As soon as we could, we'd start again already in the inertia. We spent months building on the wave, we were almost completely telepathic and constantly experiencing shared remote viewing and shared dreams. We spent every spare moment together for 5 months. Eventually outside forces disrupted the wave. Circumstances parted our ways and I have not seen her since.

    From time to time since then I have achieved similar states with partners, nothing that fast and easy though. I do find that hopping in a float tank together can speed the process up exponentially, so I probably just need to meditate with a partner often.

    I was 23 at the time and I remember reflecting on it as if it had been a lifetime worth of lessons.
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      Sun, September 23, 2007 - 7:43 AM
      Great story bro, WOW!!!! did she tell you why she left the first time?, I done float tanks before never with another did you have a two person size tank? and explain more about creating the wave then riding it for days, it is posts like this that I wrote my post in the first place clearly you have had many other experiences that I have not,, please share them so I and others can open are soul to the possibilities of that happening in our field.

      MAN you make me want to go out and build a float tank. Thank you bro please share More, More!!!!!!
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        Sun, September 23, 2007 - 2:45 PM
        Well now that I reflect on it...

        I am actually at this very moment in my life allowing this type of experience to become a regular one in my life. I think I've been spending the last 4 years processing and trying to understand what happened and how I can apply what I learned in the now.

        There is an intense and palpable quality to the first few breaches into any mystical state. What I have found for myself is that every experience is a step that cannot be slipped back on. It forever changes you, and rather than thinking that I've been up to, then down from a state, I realize that now I am living at the capacity of that state and I have to get used to it. Once I'm really used to it, the next integrative mystical expression of my being kind of just shows up effortlessly.

        I've been riding a low slow wave for a few years, and it's time for some motion in the ocean of consciousness. I can feel the swell and the reach is a long one.

        As to the wave riding. It's still difficult to explain well.

        It all started after my first float tank experience. One hour in the tank and for the next week I was in the zone. I decided there was no way I could live without owning one, so I set about building one. I was living on campus at Evergreen state college in Olympia WA, I built it with some friends in the basement of a lab building. Eventually when I moved it came off campus with me, but those days in the lab really felt proper mad science. The final two days of construction felt like moving a mountain with a rock hammer, hours rolling on like days, fatigue setting in way too fast. When it was finally done we stood and wondered, completely unknown territory, as we stepped in one at a time the wave took us. It was like pure potential flowed in every moment, and every time I got in the tank it ascended by an exponent or three.

        I found myself in a pattern with floating, 5-7 days in a row, once a day, then a week or two off and back in for a week or so. In retrospect it makes perfect sense, the floating experience is one of limitless potential and self-reflection. The experience is one of deep integration, it shears through illusions effortlessly. I am endlessly curious, my intake of information is nearly constant. When I get in the tank all the information that I've gathered, all the pieces of all the puzzles, it just falls together effortlessly. After a week or so I'd need more puzzle pieces so to speak in order to continue building on my conceptual models. Spend a couple weeks reading, talking, experiencing, hop back in for another round.

        A curious thing happens when one goes from witnessing a self to, witnessing a self witnessing a self. I'll equate it with the concept of one, two, three, many... The interesting thing is that it seems every meta perspective you step out, equates to an exponential increase in the dimensions of your models. One perspective can be accessed at a time, and so can all perspectives. Once you have a multi-dimensional perspective, you have infinite dimensions or combinations of dimensions to perceive through. It seems that stepping into a regular practice of accessing and using states of infinite potential perpetuates ones learning curve toward infinite potential.

        As John C. Lilly found with his tank experiments:

        "In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true is true or becomes true, within certain limits to be found experientially and experimentally These limits are further beliefs to be transcended In the mind, there are no limits."

        Resonance has a lot to do with the partner float. You fall into a highly tuned resonance together. One that goes to the deepest identities of self without effort and it can happen without you even being aware of it. This type of experience lasts a long time after you get out maybe a lifetime I don't know yet. It perpetuates a diadic relationship that in my experience easily stretches as wide as perception will let it. When you add sex it opens the whole spectrum of experiences. I found that once a week or so we would be hovering at a recently discovered state, then a creative surge would flow through us and all of a sudden something new would spring up and draw us along into a new discovery.

        We both found ourselves drawn into ancient selves, and cosmic meetings in past karmic loops. It was as if we came together just long enough to remind one another of what is possible this time around. We both got the sense or rather the knowing that the timespan we connect on is longer than a lifetime as we know it now. That we have known one another since the dawn of creation, we remembered being born of a singularity and passing through eons of different existences. We could close our eyes and describe the same things at the same time, like reciting ancient poetry written on our souls.

        This was the final piece of the soul mate puzzle for me. I learned that who you are with at the moment is your soul mate in that moment. I learned that I will encounter many people in this life that I will set patterns with that are as long as imagination allows. Every love that feels like it will last forever actually does no matter how long you have to share it in person.

        The reason we parted, basically because of the intensity we shared, the expectations were too high and our ways through it were too divergent to span.

        I look foreword to meeting her again. I don't know if I'll have the pleasure this time round but it matters not either way.

        In the meantime I am still creating expanses in my awareness that are attractors for this type of experience.
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      Sun, September 23, 2007 - 2:16 PM
      Marty, I've had similar experiences.... but with famous rock stars, none of whom I've met directly in this lifetime, but some of whom I have seen in concert..... and yes I did get lucky enough each time to make prolonged eye contact..... yes, there was an exchange of dynamic erotic energy between me and the band, that definitely revved-up the music!
      I've had dreams where I woke up with music and lyrics running in my mind..... months later, one particular rock star, based in LA, published that very song. I knew then that the dream was indeed real. We shared telepathy and very long-distance sexual energy!
      Yep. This Wave Phenomenon is real.
      It's got a lot to do with me going into deep trance, accompanied by bliss, orgasms, and an intense, relaxed focused on at least one man whom I love very much.
      I think this will be a Proven Scientific Phenomenon.
      I know I've inspired the song lyrics of a number of very famous bands and solo artists. I've shared telepathy with many people, alive and dead. Including relatives, people on Tribe, and many other places.
      My cat and I share telepathy, also!
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        Sun, September 23, 2007 - 2:37 PM
        I'd say that the integrative mystical experience expands consciousness and creates a vacuum or a negative space in consciousness that becomes a general attractor.

        My isolation chamber experiences set my learning curve to vertical then multiplied it infinitely. I'm simply cross applying everything I learned to everything I can and I'm still working on it.

        I'll write more soon, I'll be getting in a tank for the first time in a year next week, so I'll certainly have some new insights to share.

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